Blogs have been a great SEO tool for quite some time now. Blogs provide search engines, and visitors, with plenty of fresh content. This means the blog, and often the associated web site, is crawled more often by the search engine spiders. It also helps web sites to rank faster for keywords due to the quantity of related content. If a blog is good for SEO, would two, three or more blogs be better?

The answer invariably is yes, particularly if your web site can be divided into distinct sections. I like to use a furniture business in my examples, the range can be quite diverse. You may sell traditional furniture such as bedroom, living room and dining room furniture. You may also sell outside all weather furniture, or perhaps electrical white goods. If you sold all three, you immediately have three distinct sections of your business – home furniture, all weather furniture and white goods. Each section could benefit from its own blog and boost the SEO effect to each of those sections.

Your home furniture blog could then be divided into categories for beds, or bedrooms; dining tables, or dining room; and so on. Likewise for the external or all weather furniture and the white goods. For SEO purposes, this provides a clear distinction between each group even though your main web site encompasses all three.

Each group needs to concentrate on its own content and only link to its own related content including the main web page. You now have effectively four units working to boost your SEO; each blog and your main site. Each blog is delivering at least one link to your site, that is three links or more per day. Additionally, you have three times the content so you increase the possibility of external links being created.

There is of course a down side. Extra blogs requires extra work. You have a choice; hire a professional team to manage your blogs – often the better SEO tactic; or distribute the daily posts within your workforce. If you have a workforce that is experienced in their particular departments, then having those workers write a daily post ensures the content is factually correct. Each post should take no more than 30-40 minutes to write – often far less once the writer gains some experience in creating posts.

Multiple blogs are increasing in popularity because of the boost they provide to a web sites SEO efforts. The only question left is to decide whether the blogs become related or are unrelated; that is hosted within your web site, or hosted externally. That’s a question for another post on another day. Your first consideration should be whether or not your web site could receive an SEO boost by using multiple blogs.

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