1541 players put up $1000 each to take part in FTOPS XV – Event 12, $1,060 No Limit Hold ‘Em. The participants formed a massive prize pool that just exceeded the $1,500,000 guarantee. The prize pool of the Event 12 freeze out was the biggest of the series thus far.

Although Gavin Griffin, WPT Champion, and host of FTOPS Event 12, did not make the money, many of his fellow Full Tilt Pros did. David Pham, who holds two WSOP Bracelets, made the strongest showing, finishing in 32nd place. Four-time WSOP bracelet winner Huck Seed and online phenom Isaac Baron also made the money for Team Full Tilt. If you are an ER fan, you may notice that Mekhi Phifer, Dr. Pratt on ER, surgically navigated his way to a small cash.

The big money and big names were at the final table. Perhaps the most famous was third place finisher gboro780, who has been dominating online multi-table tournaments for years. February 2010 has been a month that gboro780 will not soon forget. In addition to his togel online six figure score, gboro780 won the $100 Rebuy $250,000 Guaranteed on PokerStars and took down the $75,000 Guaranteed on Full Tilt. Between the three tournaments, gboro780 has won nearly $300,000.

The big winner was kingpin023, who has an excellent tournament resume across PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Kingpin023 hit a two outer heads-up versus grindtherail to seize the momentum. His eventual triumph over grindtherail, another up and coming player, earned him over $300,000.

Congratulations to all who played!

FTOPS XV – Event #12

Players: 1,541

Buy-In: $1000 + $60

Prize Pool: $1,541,000

1.) kingpin023 – $331,315

2.) grindtherail – $209,576

3.) gboro780 – $155,641

4.) bmwmcoupe – $123,280

5.) RLD1989 – $92,460

6.) KevboyStar – $66,263

7.) yahoo33 – $43,148

8.) RandomFish666 – $30,820

9.) raver44 – $21,574

ScarJo wins Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XV Event 3

729 players battled it out in the $535 Triple Shootout, Event 3 of FTOPS XV. The prize pool of $364,500 was just above FTOPS XV – Event #3’s guarantee of $350,000. The $364,500 prize pool matched the purse of FTOPS XIV’s triple shootout.

In a shootout format, tables are not balanced as players are eliminated. Instead, each table plays until there is one player remaining, much like a Sit N Go. The winners of the first table advance to form the subsequent table. In a triple shootout, players must win 3 tables in a row to claim ultimate victory.

In the end, Ronald Lee, who plays as ScarJo on Full Tilt Poker took down Event 3 for just over $76,000. Lee is a force to be reckoned with. He won the $200 Sunday Mulligan on Full Tilt for $55,000 in late 2009, and has several five figure scores on both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. The momentum shifted ScarJo’s way eight-handed. daPHUNNIEman, who finished runner-up in the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guaranteed, opened to 13,5000 in middle position and ScarJo 3-bet to 40,000 in the BB. The flop came 55Q rainbow, and ScarJo led out for 48,000, daPHUNNIEman called. ScarJo bet 78,000 on the turn 7 and daPHUNNIEman called. The river brought the King of Diamonds and ScarJo shoved. daPHUNNIEman made the call, and ScarJo showed Kh9d for top two pair. daPHUNNIEman mucked and was eliminated in eighth place, shipping 40% of the chips to ScarJo. ScarJo controlled the table the rest of the way to claim ultimate victory.

Although no Full Tilt Poker Pros made the final table, players may have recognized a few names. The third place finisher, Halfrek, gained fame by winning two FTOPS VIII events for over $800,000. Along with Halfrek, daPHUNNIEman and POCKET FIVE who have all enjoyed considerable success on the electronic felt. Last month, POCKET FIVE finished runner up in the UB $75k guaranteed.


1.) ScarJo – $76,545

2.) Ebolarama – $51,030

3.) Halfrek – $36,450

4.) eaglemann – $27,338

5.) ComputerhandQ7 – $20,048

6.) hbacademyvb – $14,580

7.) POCKET FIVE – $10,206

8.) daPHUNNIEman – $6,926

9.) Miguel Santiago – $4,921

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