BusinessHow to elevate your Immigration Experience at Singapore Changi...

How to elevate your Immigration Experience at Singapore Changi Airport to Premium VIP Level


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Time is our greatest resource. It governs our activities and sets the bounds by which we can measure our productivity. In today’s highly competitive world, staying at the top of your game in terms of performance demands that you optimize time to the second.

Mandatory On-Arrival Test (OAT)

Business travellers, often travelling under strict time frames, have to optimize every second of their time to ensure timeliness. However, transiting in the busiest transportation hubs, such as the Singapore Changi Airport, often has its challenges. The greatest challenge experienced is delays. Despite the travel restrictions imposed by the Singapore Government to regulate the spread of new Covid-19 variants, there are still queues forming at the Immigration clearance. Long queues are sources of frustration for  business travelers as they result in time loss and hinder their objectives. Furthermore, measures such as the Mandatory On-Arrival Test (OAT), while intended to ensure safety, have inadvertently increased the amount of time taken to clear through Singapore Changi Airport.

Long queues are especially frustrating for busy executives. But travelling shouldn’t be a hassle.

Will it be possible to have a Fast Track Immigration custom clearing service? Would you sign up for such a service promising to fast track and cut the average waiting time by over 50%?

I would.

Prime Ace Limousine (PAL) ’s Premium Meet and Greet Service offers the solution. The Service promises Professionalism, Safety, Comfort, Convenience and Reliability.

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