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What should I consider when buying an alarm system without monthly subscription?


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Choosing the right alarm system can be a bit of a jungle. What system should you choose, what are your needs and what are your limitations in terms budget? In this article I will go through some of the main concerns, you should consider before buying yourself a security system.

Differences between alarm system with subscription, and alarm systems without subscription

One of the biggest differences between alarm systems with/without subscriptions are without any doubt the price. Alarms without monthly subscriptions can easily be just as good as alarms with subscriptions and in a lot of cases be even better in terms of quality.

When you are paying subscription to some of the big security companies, you not only get the alarm system but also access to guards at the local security centrals, looking after your home. In most cases, the security central is the biggest cost that you pay for. Salaries for people who are sitting and waiting to assist you in the case of a burglary are the main thing for the big price difference, and you should consider if that is worth it.

If your house has been the victim of a burglary, guards from the security central will try to drive towards your home and possibly stop it – so the commercials say. The reality is quite different. Guards will not arrest thieves, since guards do not have the authority to do so. They will arrive at your house, most of the time too late, and confirm that a crime has been committed – which has no value to you.

Therefore, always consider whether or not monthly subscriptions with guards and security centrals are worth the money! In most cases, you can call in the crime yourself with an installed security system and a camera to the police, confirming the crime directly on your phone.

What devices should you consider buying when installing an alarm system in your home?

First of all, you should look around in your house, and see how many places there would be a chance for a thief to enter your home. Windows and doors are obviously vulnerable, and you should count each window and door, that you think would be chosen as a security weakness. For each door, you would need a so-called “contact sensor” that will alarm, if the window opens, and the same concept for your doors, that need a “door sensor”. Inside your living rooms, you need so-called “infrared sensor” which are sensors that detects movement.

That was the security system. Moving on to security cameras – they are equally important if you want maximum security. Most people would only need 2-3 security cameras, placed in strategically places. Put yourself in the mind of a thief; where would you think the most convenient place around your house is to brake in? Most thieves likes a quite area to do their “work”. If there is a blind spot, put a camera there. If there are only very few places to reach your house’s vulnerable windows/doors, place a camera at the entrances, so the thief knows they are recorded the second they enter your premises.

And for Gods sake (sorry my language) remember to buy alarm systems and security cameras, which are controlled through the same app on your mobile phone. Why is that important? It is important, because if your camera and alarm works on the same platform, they can alert each other. If your camera outside detects movements, it can “talk” to your alarm and set off the alarms siren, and notify you instantly.

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